You Can Help Port Angeles Kids Attend College!

One of our proudest moments of the year is when we award scholarships to graduates of Port Angeles and Lincoln High Schools.

In 2018, the Foundation awarded 49 scholarships totaling more than $337,000 to graduating seniors. Some of these scholarships are renewable if the student meets specified criteria. $73,000 was distributed to past Port Angeles graduates for their sophomore, junior or senior year of college. In one case, a renewable scholarship is being used for grad school.

That’s over $400,000 in scholarship money awarded to students who have shown academic success in a variety of fields, in high school and beyond.

Scholarship candidates are evaluated through the scholarship notebook process at the high school. PAEF’s Scholarship Committee chooses recipients who match criteria set within each scholarship fund. There is no separate application process for our scholarships.

For us, each scholarship celebrates the achievements of our students and represents a long-term investment in the future. We are committed to building a vibrant community for generations to come and to breaking down barriers to higher education.

Success in education starts at an early age. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us improve access to life-changing educational opportunities and increase the number of Port Angeles students who are ready to succeed in today’s world.

Considering a Larger Gift or Endowing a Scholarship?

Please contact us to discuss how your gift can make a difference for Port Angeles students, now and in the future.


Port Angeles Education Foundation 2019 Scholarships

  • PAEF Academic

  • Christian & Karen Aaes

  • William Bissell

  • Ken & Charlotte Bradford-Hutchinson Jewelers

  • William A. Gallacci

  • Emery & Helen Gariepy

  • Ryan Giger

  • Kathleen Rae Halloran

  • Corven & Elfrieta Kepplinger

  • Charlotte Kirby

  • Emily Helen Meyer

  • Pathway to Prosperity

  • Wayne & Mary Shields

  • Christine Thomas

  • Andrew Palmer

  • Cooke Aquaculture Pacific

  • Michael Kalish

  • Gladys Christopher Pollanz

  • Popsicle Bridge Engineering


Thank You to our donors and partners in the scholarship process!