Student Needs


Not all students start on an equal playing field. Some are restricted in their activities due to financial circumstances. We want to bring down the specific barriers that keep individual students from being able to come to class, be ready to learn, and able to participate. We’ve awarded funds to cover dental services, counseling, eye exams and glasses, school supplies, gym uniforms, shoes and clothing, and toiletries for basic hygienic needs. Because lack of these things shouldn’t keep a child from success.

Help Us Build Our Safety Net!

Families, teachers, and administrators rely on the Student Needs Committee to meet critical needs in the district. Your donation will make an immediate difference in a student’s life.


Accessing Funds

Teachers, school counselors, principals, and other school staff complete an application on a student’s behalf. To ensure the student is eligible, the requestor must detail the need, acknowledge that other funding sources have been explored, and verify that the student is low income. Students and families interested in participating in this program should contact their school principal or student counselor.

All monies from the Student Needs Fund go directly to helping students. No money from the fund is used to cover administrative expenses or the distribution of resources. The Student Needs Committee works directly with Port Angeles businesses to ensure that student needs can be met immediately and that local businesses are assured of payment for their services.


Major Support of the Student Needs Fund is provided by:

The Albert Haller Foundation